Multigym Setup and Information

General Information About Multigym Setup:

>>View a Video Overview of the Multigym Feature: 

  • All new databases MUST share the same RGP Master Encryption Key at each facility. The names of the databases should be different at each location, but they MUST share the same Master Key. We would prefer to install RGP and MySQL, but if you choose to install RGP then PLEASE DO NOT do anything with the new database.
  • All databases, at each facility, must mirror the same Custom Policies found via Data Entry->Manage->Settings->Waivers/Custom tab. If you have Policy 1 at Gym A set as XYZ, then Policy 1 at Gym B (or C etc) must be XYZ too.
  • Each facility needs to be signed up with a RGP Paid Plan. The RGP multigym features are available at RGP’s Standard (formerly L2) Paid Plan. All facilities must be on the same paid plan level, at all times.
  • You need a “server” computer for all locations to host your MySQL database.  If you are currently using a front desk computer as your server, you must transition to a real server.  You don’t need a true Windows server box, just a solid Windows 7/8/10 machine running a Windows operating system  that has *Windows Remote Desktop* available (preferable with RAID 1 therefore making a hard drive failure a nonevent). We will use LogMeIn Rescue to initially remotely connect to your server. LogMeIn Rescue requires a person to be available at the facility to allow us initial access into your server. We will then use the Windows Remote Desktop feature on your server to connect to the other location/s servers. Windows Remote Desktop is not required outside of your VPN. The server computer must be locatedsomewhere your staff, and customers, cannot interact with the server computer, as inevitably they will do something to the server that will have ripple effects to the other computers/server in the multigym environment. We use the Windows Remote Desktop feature, in your internal VPN, to login to the other facility/s to connect them, this feature must be available and configured prior to scheduling an appointment for the multigym connection.
  • VPN hardware is required between all locations with FIXED IP addresses on the servers. DO NOT setup your VPN to Port Forwarding, this is not necessary! Any good network IT Person can set this up. Software VPNs such as Hamachi are not supported. Solid Internet connection with a minimum upload speed of 1 Mbps and minimum download speed of 10 Mbps, is recommended. There is constant exchange of information between gyms to keep things in sync as there are dozens and dozens of SQL statements exchanged per minute over your VPN. Once connected as a multigym, all the server computers at each location need to stay connected via your VPN.
  • One large multigym chain uses the Meraki VPN hardware from Cisco:   The Meraki has a very simple setup and is incredibly powerful- allowing you to track activity at each facility, control bandwidth, and view computer activity.   RGP does not support your VPN, nor have we tested the Meraki ourselves.  Approximate cost for this is $800/year/facility…. But reports are that it is worth it!
  • All servers must be reachable from all computers in both networks.  See the network diagram below.
  • When your VPN and Remote Desktop are operational, you will need to schedule 2 appointments with RGP- one appointment with Customer Support to do a pre-check of your system and the other appointment would be with Advanced Support . These appointments/logins take about an hour. Your appointment with Advanced Support for the final hookup needs to be scheduled 4 weeks in advance. Please plan ahead to avoid any delays. Please, schedule your precheck here.


Our requirements for a successful multigym linkup:

 IT person is available, preferably on site

 Someone has to be available to allow us into the computer. Phone number and name of the person we will be calling. Customer Support receives an email a few days prior to linkup, or other communication containing:

    • Windows Remote desktop user names and passwords for each location
    • MySQL database names, if RGP has been installed at the new facility. If not then we will name the database
    • MySQL Root passwords
    • Encryption key- same for all locations
    • Answers to the operational considerations, see below:


 Remote desktop available to and between all existing servers and it has been TESTED by Customer Support

 Remote desktop only needs to work within your VPN/network… not externally.  I will use LogMeIn to get into your network, and then Remote Desktop to connect to the other servers (s)

 Servers have final FIXED IP addresses assigned

 VPN has been tested by Customer Support

 A method exists to transfer files (dropbox, shared folder, etc) between servers





(OPERATIONALLY IMPORTANT!) RGP needs your answers to these considerations prior to Linking up your facility. Please print the Multigym Setup Checklist before your technical support link call with RGP

  • Decide Facility Access Rules for your multigym environment. You want to decide how you want your default behavior in RGP to act for your Memberships and Punch Cards. You have 3 choices, which are defined below along with a screenshot:
  1. *Default to All Locations
  2. Default to Home Location
  3. Always All Locations.
  • You must choose which default action in RGP you want at your facility for new members and punch card customers.
  • How do you want the default behavior in RGP to act?
  • Will your memberships include access to All Facilities or Only Home?

(*If you have more than 2 locations you now have the ability to Allow Home Facility + Additional Facilities)






  • Do you want your Retail Inventory to be linked between locations? This allows retail products to be transferred between locations. You must make this decision before moving to RGP’s multigym environment. The retail inventory cannot be linked once you have gone live with the multigym environment.
  • Using Gift cards between locations? If YES, then the gift card numbers have to be unique across all facilities See below for more information.
  • Sales tax codes need to be the same at all facilities. Make sure the sales taxes are manually copied over from the current database to the new facility’s settings in Data Entry->Manage->Settings-Sales Tax/Receipt Tab. If the sales taxes are different at your facilities, we will need to describe how different sales tax rules are supported in the multigym environment.
  • *IMPORTANT* Set up Credit card/ACH merchant accounts for each facility. If you plan to transfer members between facilities, and have the credit card information transfer, then you need to enable this feature through XCharge/OpenEdge. More information is available in this document: Customer Credit Card Info Transfer between locations

RGP will need your input on how you would like to handle these operational choices, below, in the Multigym environment: If you have more than 2 facilities, there is now an option to *Allow Home Plus:





We often do this during configuration of the multigym, but we need to know your plan before we can link up your facilities.

With a multigym it is important to note that your staff should NOT download online digital waivers and create customer records before the customer arrives at the facility. If a waiver is selected and a customer record is created, beforehand, then the online waiver is removed from the online waiver list in your Find Documents window queue. And the customer record is added /created to that gym’s database. where it was accepted but the customer may go over to the “other” gym instead. It is very important for the customer be standing in front of the staff for a digital waiver to be accepted. Never accept a digital waiver unless the customer is standing in front of you!

iPads/in gym waivers via a PC: New feature as of February 2016|
The Copy iPad/Netbook URL generated from the Live Tab in Waiver Management via Data Entry-> Manage->Waiver Station is now delivered to a specific gym. RGP no longer needs your static IP address for your in-gym waiver iPads/PC’s, as the URL is now available for each facility to ensure your in-gym digital waivers are delivered to that gym:





New Membership/Gift cards *must be* unique for each gym.  Membership cards, need to be unique for each facility, otherwise RGP will not know which gym the card is from when a member swipes their card at Check In.

Member access can be setup as All LocationsHome Locations or Always ALL Locations – allowing you to sell different membership packages (see above).


We need to configure this setting if you want to enable the transfer of gift cards between locations.

BUT… be aware of the following:

* Gift card numbers MUST be unique across all databases (now and in the future)
* When RGP searches for a gift card, if it finds a remote one it will ask the staff if they want to “transfer the balance?” If they hit YES, the balance of the gift card will be transferred to the local gym. This is accomplished by zeroing out the gift card balance at the remote gym, and crediting the gift card at the local gym. In the Z-Out for the day you’ll see these credits/debits.


Staff members are automatically synchronized between all gyms. If you add/remove/change a staff member at one gym the change will be copied to all gyms. Your staff may place items on-account, if this is your operational policy. This behavior was changed with an RGP update in Oct 2015.


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