How to Prepare for Scheduled RGP Downtime

On Sunday, January 29th, 2023 at 12am PST (Sunday 3am EST, Sunday 8am GMT, Sunday 7pm ACT), Rock Gym Pro will be offline for approximately 2 hours. We will be using this scheduled downtime to upgrade our centralized database. During this maintenance window, we will be updating multiple systems which means different features of Rock Gym Pro will be unavailable at different points in time during the downtime. Certain features will be available the whole time and, at some points during downtime, you will be unable to use other features. You may also see error messages during this time indicating that the RGP application is unable to communicate with the central RGP servers.


What you WILL be able to do in Rock Gym Pro during downtime

The following features will be available throughout the entire scheduled downtime if you are using the Locally Hosted version of RGP or if you are connected to the cloud prior to the scheduled downtime:

  • Check-in customers: You will be able to use the Check-In module to check-in customers as you normally would.  It will deduct punches from punch card holders, make alerts if someone's membership is expired, etc. 
  • View and edit existing customers: You will be able to search for customers, look at their customer records, edit their customer record, see existing invoices and payments, check-in history, and booking history.
  • Check existing waiver status: You will be able to see whether or not a customer has filled out a waiver in the past by viewing the Facility Waiver box on their customer record.
  • View a customer's booking history: You will be able to search for a customer in Data Entry, click the Bookings button, and view their booking history.  This will allow you to view if they have booked an event that takes place during the scheduled downtime.

The above features will be available to customers using the Cloud version of Rock Gym Pro IF they connect to the cloud before and stay connected during the scheduled downtime.  If they disconnect a cloud seat, they may not be able to reconnect to their cloud host until after service is restored. 


What you will NOT be able to do in Rock Gym Pro during certain phases of the downtime 

At some points during the downtime, the following features will be unavailable:

  • New Cloud connections (Cloud customers only): Cloud customers will not be able to make new connections to their cloud host.  Cloud seats that are connected to the cloud host prior to the downtime will stay connected so long as you don't disconnect them. 
  • Digital waivers: You will be unable to download waivers, view downloaded but unassigned waivers, and attach waivers to customer records. Certain waiver URLs (primarily the ones that begin with will be temporarily unavailable. 
  • Customer record creation: You will be unable to create new customer records manually or from digital waivers. 
  • Update customer EFT billing information: You will be unable to update CC information on customer records.
  • POS transactions: You will be unable to tender transactions and accept payment in POS.
  • Calendar & online membership offerings: You will be unable to access the Calendar within RGP and the URLs for online calendar and membership offerings will be temporarily unavailable. 
  • Email system: You will be unable to use the email system for automated and scheduled emails.
  • Online transactions & member change requests:  You will be unable to view and/or process unassigned online transactions and pending member change request forms. 
  • Certain web-based applications: You will be unable to use aspects of Rock Gym Pro that rely on a connection to the RGP central servers.  That includes the Web/Mobile Dashboard, the Calendar, Online Membership Offerings, Waiver Management/Stations window, and the Billing Center.

How to prepare for scheduled downtime and possible solutions

  • Cloud connections: If you are on the Cloud version of Rock Gym Pro, connect all of your cloud seats to your cloud host before the scheduled downtime.  Do not disconnect a seat during this time as you will not be able to reconnect.
  • Digital waivers: If you have Smartwaiver forms, you can login to your Smartwaiver account directly to check the status of recently submitted waivers that may not have been processed yet in RGP.  You can also use the Smartwaiver provided URLs for waivers or have paper waivers available.
  • POS transactions: There may be points in time when you will be able to make cash transactions or invoice billable accounts.  During other times, you may want to consider using an alternative payment method.
  • Calendar offerings: You can access the Calendar prior to the downtime and print the Booking List for events happening on that day before the scheduled downtime.  You will also be able to look at a customer's booking history in Data Entry to see additional participants and booking details for the event.
  • Online transactions & member change requests: Process all online transactions and pending member change requests prior to the scheduled downtime. If you are unable to, the unassigned online transactions and pending member change requests will be accessible again after the scheduled downtime. 

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to send us an email at  

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