Overview for deploying an iPad waiver station

Below are some helpful considerations to keep in mind when using an iPad for your waiver station.

While optional, a keyboard is highly recommended to make the signing process faster. We recommend the Apple keyboard as it does not have a HOME key on the keyboard, which will help prevent users from accessing other applications in the iPad.


We recommend using Google Chrome as the internet browser you use to access your waivers. There are issues using Safari in Guided Access mode that compromise usability.


Other Tablets
At this time we do not recommend using an Android tablet. The user interface is not as intuitive as the iPad and can confuse customers, while the iPad makes it much easier to enter information. In addition, because Android tablets come in a variety of versions the Rock Gym Pro waiver system may not be compatible with older versions of the system.

In addition, we also do not recommend using Windows 8 tablets for waiver stations. While Rock Gym Pro works fine on the full Windows 8 OS, it was not designed to run on the tablet operating system.


Additional Resources
Here are a few articles to check out when creating your first iPad digital waiver station:

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