Putting an iPad digital waiver station into Guided Access Mode

Guided Access mode can be used to restrict an iPad to a single app, disable areas of the screen that aren’t relevant, and disable the hardware buttons. We recommend putting your digital waiver station iPads into Guided Access Mode so that users can’t exit the waiver application system or access other apps on the iPad. Here’s how to put an iPad into Guided Access mode.

  1. On your iPad, go to the Settings. Click General, then click Accessibility. Turn on Guided Access. This will now allow you to activate Guided Access for any app.
  2. Set a passcode. This will allow you exit Guided Access mode once it’s been activated.
  3. Next, disable multitasking gestures by going to Settings and then General. Switch Multitasking Gestures to Off.
  4. Next you will need to create the iPad URL and then email it to yourself. Copy the URL from your email on this iPad. Open Chrome and paste in the iPad URL. Note: Use Chrome instead of Safari, as there are issues with Safari in Guided Access that may compromise the usability of the waivers. To use Chrome you will need to open it and paste in the URL; if you click on the link from your email it will open in Safari by default.
  5. With the waiver displayed in Chrome, activate Guided Access mode by triple-clicking the HOME button at the bottom of your iPad. Guided Access mode will now be enabled.
  6. We now need to adjust a few settings. Triple-click the HOME button again and enter your passcode to adjust the following settings:
    • Enable touch
    • Disable screen rotation (make sure you have the screen oriented to your waiver station enclosure first)
    • Circle any part of the screen to disable that part of the screen, such as the bookmarks bar, back button, URL bar, etc.
  7. Tap Start.


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