Checking computer times in Rock Gym Pro

Synced computer times are required for Rock Gym Pro to operate correctly. If you are experiencing errors that may be resulting from unsynced computer times you can check to see if your MySQL server and local workstation are synced to the main Rock Gym Pro server’s time.

  1. In the Data Entry main window click Manage and select About.
  2. Click the Check Computer Times button.
  3. This will check your MySQL and local computer times against the Rock Gym Pro server time and alert you if they are out of sync beyond the standard deviation.
  4. Click OK to exit and then OK again to finish.




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  • How do I sync the server time if out? I could put the computer in the wrong time zone???

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  • RGP takes your time settings from Windows. If you have two computers that disagree about the time, then the Windows date/time settings for one (or both) of those computers are likely misconfigured. Make sure that they are both in the same time zone, and that they are both configured to "set time automatically". Note that Saskatchewan is its own timezone in Windows, since it doesn't observe daylight saving time.

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