Printing a list of check ins for a date

You can print out a list of check ins for any date, allowing you to review the names, membership types and any notes for each member checked in that day.

  1. To get started, click Check In to launch the Check In window.
  2. At the bottom of the screen select the date and click the printer icon. Click Yes to confirm.
  3. This will create a check-in report for the date, listing the customer name, check in time, type, status, membership payment type, and the event/class they checked into if applicable. You can now print, email, or open the report in Excel or Word. You can also save it as a HTML or CSV file.
  4. Click Close to exit the report.




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  • Is there a way I can get a report of all the check ins for multiple dates instead of just on one day?

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  • say, over a week, or a year, every single check in, their name, time, age, guest status etc.

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  • Hello Cannon,
    You can run a customer query and Add Conditions review the query. You can save this query as a Custom Report and use the Custom Columns to include the information, of your choosing, in the report.
    That being said, there are not any reports that do exactly what you are wanting. In the Check-In Module, you can print each day's check-ins but the report if added together for multiple days would be too large as some facilities get over 500 check in's per day. Hence, in one week the report could return 1000's of names.
    Depending on exactly what you are trying to find out about check in's, there is also Charting and Visualization under Reporting in Data Entry which has a Visits/Check-In's folder with Total/MembersOnly/Daily Ave etc and you can select the dates.
    Does this information help?

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