Creating a custom guest pass check-in report

You can create a custom SQL report that lets you track guest pass check-ins, listing the name of the guest who used the pass and the member associated with the pass.


  1. In the Data Entry main window click Reporting and then select General Reports to open the Reporting window.
  2. Click the Custom Reports tab.
  3. Click the Add SQL button.
  4. Enter a title and the following SQL query:

select postdate as Date, (select (concat(lastname, ", ", firstname, " ", middlename)) from customers where customers.customer_id=gp.for_customer_id) as Guest,

(select (concat(lastname, ", ", firstname, " ", middlename)) from customers where customers.customer_id=gp.from_customer_id) as Member,

(select (concat(lastname, ", ", firstname, " ", middlename)) from customers where customers.customer_id=gp.employee_id) as Employee

from guest_passes gp where gp.postdate>='{STARTDATE}' and gp.postdate<='{ENDDATE}';


5. Click OK to save.

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