Disaster Preparedness Plan

We certainly hope none of the below happens at your gym, but in case you do experience one of the unfortunate incidents below, here are some tips to be prepared.



Credit Card Processing Goes Down


  1. Call Accelerated/OpenEdge Payments: (800)338-6614 x1  
    When credit card processing is down, unfortunately, there is nothing RGP can do to troubleshoot.


  1. Get an iTouch with Square (no setup fee OR monthly fee)
  2. Use External/Manual CC mode at POS



Waiver System Goes Down


  1. If your waiver system has stopped responding, visit our system status page to determine if the problem is RGP related:  http://www.tinyurl.com/rgpwaivers
    (We have a 99.98% uptime, so our system does not go down very often. If it does, rest assured we know about it and are working to resolve the issue. Most of the time the issue stems from a connectivity issue on your end. Even if your internet is working elsewhere, it could be regional connection problem.)


  1. Have paper waivers available, just in case.
  2. Have an alternate network connection available such as an iPhone with a WiFi hotspot.



Your Server Crashes

REQUIREMENT – put all the codes listed below in a safe place

  1. Support activation key/online group key (generated by RGP and given to you when you signed up for support).
  2. Your RGP Master Encryption key (created by someone at your facility during the initial installation/deployment of RGP)
  3. Your MySQL root password (and username if you changed it) created at the same time as the Master Encryption key.

Be sure to retrieve these codes from RGP Support BEFORE a disaster strikes! 

If you’ve misplaced these codes, contact us and we’ll be happy to send them to you.


  1. Turn one of your RGP workstations at the front counter, or in the office, into a temporary server until you can get a new server computer.
  2. See https://www.rockgympro.com/support/emergency-troubleshooting/ for steps on restoring an offsite backup to a new computer.



You need to have an IT plan at your facility

  • We cannot guarantee after-hours or weekend support.
  • Close to all of our after-hours or weekend incidents are basic IT or networking problems at the facility. There are very few instances when the issue stems from the RGP software.


  • We are more than happy to provide support for the RGP software. Unfortunately, we are unable to troubleshoot issues with your hardware, network, or other non-RGP related IT issues. 
  • Be sure that your staff can contact someone who can assist with IT-related problems in case of an emergency.
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