Reactivating an expired prepaid membership

If a member wants to add more time to an expired prepaid membership you can easily do so on the customer profile’s Membership tab.

  1. Look up the customer in the main Data Entry window and click Edit Customer.
  2. Click the Membership tab.
  3. Under Prepaid Membership Dates, click the 1 Wk/Today, 1 Month/Today, or 1 Year/Today button to add the appropriate amount of time starting from today.
  4. Click Yes on the pop up window to confirm, and then Yes again.   
  5. To add additional time click the Add a week, Add a month, or Add a year button to add the appropriate amount of time.
  6. The new end date will be displayed on this screen and in the Data Entry window.
  7. Click OK to finish.




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