Setting up the integrated POS credit card terminal (US, Canada, and UK only)

Rock Gym Pro is integrated with a custom Stripe account where facilities in the US, UK, and Canada can process POS credit card payments right from the workstation. For locations outside of the US/UK/Canada you will need to set up an external POS credit card terminal.


Here’s how to set up the Stripe Terminal in RGP.

  1. To begin you will need an RGP Stripe Custom account. Reach out to to get your account set up. Let support know how many terminals you will need and they will order them and have them shipped to you.
  2. When your terminals arrive, power them on, connect them to your network (via ethernet cables), and run any updates.
  3. Go to and click to the Terminal tab. Click Register terminal and enter the code 07139 into the terminal keypad. The terminal will then display a unique registration code to enter into the dashboard to register.
  4. Once registered, on your RGP POS computer navigate to Data Entry - Manage - Settings - Payment & Billing Tab. Select Stripe Terminal next to the POS option. 
  5. Click Configure and select the registered terminal.
  6. In RGP POS module ring up a test transaction and when you click tender you will have a credit card option. Clicking the credit card button will transfer the total to the terminal, then the Stripe terminal will "talk" back to RGP when the payment has been processed.

Bookmark the address to log in to your Stripe Custom dashboard to view your credit card charges in "real-time". In the dashboard is also where you will see your payout reports and summaries. This is valuable information to help you reconcile differences in any credit card discrepancies. Also helpful is the Stripe Reconciliation Report in Data Entry - Reporting - General Reports - Stripe Reconciliation Report.


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