Providing a staff member access to the Web Dashboard

You can provide staff members like managers access to the Web Dashboard to allow them to view real time sales and check-ins. Note that if you’re a multigym facility these staff members will have access to information for all locations, unless you edit the Managers access via the Employee Access Window and limit reporting access via Edit.

  1. In the Data Entry main window click Manage and then Web/Mobile Dashboard Access to open up the Manage Mobile Dashboard Access window.
  2. Click the Linked Managers tab.
  3. Select a staff member from the dropdown menu and click the Link Staff button.
  4. Once the staff member is linked, email them the Web Dashboard login URL. They will then be able to sign in using their email address and password. Their default password is their PIN; we recommend they change their password after the first time they log in for security reasons. If they prefer to use a different email address they can then update it after logging in.  


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