Adding a sized product

If you are selling a product like shirts that come in different sizes you will need to first create the parent item and then add each specific size you sell as a sub-item. Once you have a sub-item the POS will prompt staff when selling an item to select the size. Let’s start by adding the parent item.

  1. In the Data Entry main window click Manage and select Products to open the Manage Products window.
  2. Click the Add Product button to open the Edit Product window.
  3. Under Product Type select Inventory Group.
  4. Under Primary enter the product name and retail price. If each size or color will be the same price check the Sub-Items are same price checkbox; otherwise leave this unchecked. You can also add a vendor and barcode information if applicable to the product.
  5. Under Categories & Accounts, choose the display category, account and sub-account you wish the product to be listed under. If you want to create a new category or sub-account just type the new name into the field.
  6. Under Sales Tax check the box if sales tax is applicable to this product.
  7. Click OK to exit the Edit Product window.

Now let’s add a size.

  1. In the Manage Products window select the item you just created. At the bottom of the screen click the Add Sub Item button.
  2. Enter the size, color and reorder minimum, quantity and target quantity if applicable. You can also enter the barcode for this item.
    Click OK to exit the Edit Product window, and Close to exit the Manage Products window.



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