Online Booking and Calendar System Live

Woot, woot!

Fourteen months and many sleepless nights later the booking system is ready for its release.

And the even better news?  This system will absolutely increase your gym’s revenue and efficiency. The gyms using the system during the beta period this summer have already processed nearly $100,000 of online bookings.

The new system is part of Level 3 Premium Support at $199/month. That’s a $73 increase beyond the current Level 2. Once online gift cards are available (November 2014 is the goal), the gift card feature will also require the Level 3.

Everyone can explore the booking system in demo mode regardless of your current support level. In demo mode, the entire RGP side is fully functional but you are limited to creating a single offering.

The scope of this upgrade is unlike any other in the history of Rock Gym Pro. This is not the type of upgrade that you’ll just “figure out” by playing with it. Please take the time to read the documentation and watch the tutorial videos at the link below. The system is very flexible, but also will seem overwhelming without first reading the document.

Please review the Booking System Documentation and Videos for all the details on operation of the system.

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