Decline Minimizer from OpenEdge

Our new integration with Stripe Custom also features Automatic Card Updates.

To read more about how Stripe Custom runs these updates, click here.


Decline Minimizer is a FREE service from OpenEdge that we’ve integrated into Rock Gym Pro. If you’re using OpenEdge for recurring customer billing in the U.S., Decline Minimizer will automatically update expired and outdated customer credit card information daily - resulting in fewer monthly billing declines and more approvals!  

* Currently available for U.S. OpenEdge merchants only. If you are outside of the U.S. moving your billing to the new Stripe Custom integration is an option to have the same behavior.


How to Set Up Decline Minimizer

1) Contact OpenEdge: Email and request that the Decline Minimizer service be added to your MOTO account (the merchant ID you use for billing).

2) OpenEdge will send you a new Decline Minimizer contract to sign.

3) Once the signed contract is received, OpenEdge will activate the service.

*** Be sure that you're running version: 1.1.130638 or later of the Rock Gym Pro software ***

There is no further action to take in Rock Gym Pro. Once activated, all credit cards that are charged through OpenEdge will be updated automatically using Decline Minimizer. You will no longer need to hunt down updated credit card information from your customers!

You will see the changes logged in the Audit Log and in Billing Events.




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