Setting up the billing credit card payment gateway (US and Canada)

Rock Gym Pro has X-Charge/X-Web Payment Processing by OpenEdge integrated within the software. With this integrated payment gateway, you can process membership billing right from your Rock Gym Pro workstation. Here’s how to set up the X-Charge/X-Web payment gateway for membership billing in Rock Gym Pro.

  1. To begin you will need an X-Charge account through Open Edge. Apply for an account by filling out their pre-authorization form, calling the specialists at 888-427-2260 (press option 1) or by e-mailing your contact information to
  2. Once you have an account set up with OpenEdge, they will make and appointment to set up your RGP POS and Billing payment configurations.

After OpenEdge has set up and tested the system, they will give you information about how to login to your XWeb terminal to view your credit card charges in "real time". This is valuable information to help you reconcile differences in any credit card discrepancies.


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