Adding a new product category

Rock Gym Pro comes with several default product categories. If you want to add your own unique category you can do so in the Manage Products window.

  1. In the Data Entry main window click Manage and select Products to open the Manage Products window.
  2. Click Add Product or select an existing product and click the Edit Product button to open the Edit Product window.
  3. Under Categories & Accounts you will see the following:
  • Display Category: This determines the product category tab the product will display in POS
  • Account: You can choose to use a different account type or check Same as display
  • Sub-Account: You can add a sub-account if applicable, such as separating prepaid and EFT membership products or kid shoes and adult shoes
  • To add a new display category, account or sub-account type the new name into the field.
  • Click OK to exit the Edit Product window, and Close to exit the Manage Products window.
  • The new category name will be displayed in its own tab in the Point of Sale window. You may need to restart the POS to have the new tab display.


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