How to Delete Cloud Seats

If you're using RGP Cloud and need to delete cloud seats at your organization:

1) Log in to the Cloud Dashboard with a seat that has Organization Administrative [Org Admin] access. 

Tip: The person who initially set up your cloud seats is most likely the Org Admin. It is possible that your organization has multiple Org Admins. This would have been configured when you initially created your cloud seats.

2) Once logged in, go to Seats from the menu on the left of the screen. 
(If you don't see Seats then you are not logged in with an Org Admin account).



3) Your cloud seats will be displayed. Decide which seat you would like to delete and then click on the Action button next to the seat and Delete. If you do not see the option to Delete then you are logged in as a Group Admin and not an Org Admin.



4) You will be asked to confirm:



Repeat these steps to delete additional seats. 


Note: Please email after you have deleted your seats so we can update our records accordingly.   

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