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I'm handling our Member billing from 3rd party custom application because we need to enable our customers to pay in 1,3,6 or 12 months. Now everything is going fine, I'm letting customers also pay to the counter by cash,sport cheques or credit card or then by bank transfer or web payment from the third party application. Payments to the RGP I check from the RGP DB automatically.

I now realized I can also create the invoice to RGP so I can include it in the POS to customers invoice.

Is there anything special to keep in mind when adding to Invoice DB or is there API for doing inserts?

Do I get alerts at check-in if the invoice is due by X-days?



  • Kalle,

    I cannot recommend creating invoices in the DB. There is LOTS to do properly, and it will be very easy to screw up the database.

    I intend to create an API this Spring or Summer.... wait for that... PLEASE!

    With regard to the API, shoot me an email of what you'd like to see in the API, particularly your requirements when creating an invoice.

    Thanks :)

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  • Well, I would need simple api to:

    - add customer (to add from our own digital waiver system)
    - basic customer information (name, address, phone, photo)
    var customerID = Api.AddCustomer(,,,,,)

    - add invoice to customer
    for example :
    var InvoiceID = Api.AddInvoice(int CustomerId, int ProductId, int Quantity, int Price)

    - delete open invoice (only if it's open)
    var truefalse = Api.DeleteInvoice(int InvoiceID)

    this would be enough for now since the reading part works just fine. all the rest I can read from the DB.


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  • oh, and AddInvoice method should also include InvoiceDate (or POSTDATE in RGP DB).

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  • you can create invoice with the help of absolutely free. You can create it, and also can download in excel, PDF or in any format you want. you can use it as your third party software by adding its API into you custom software.

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