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There is good news on the horizon for Rock Gym Pro!

After much soul searching, we have committed to creating an online booking and transaction system that will be seamlessly integrated with your RGP database.

When this project is complete, you’ll be able to book parties, courses, summer camps, private instruction, massages and more directly from your website and have the transactions and customer information seamlessly available within RGP.

This is an enormous development task (remember… there are entire businesses offering this service), and we expect it to take between 9-12 months to complete. But once available in mid-2014, we promise - it’ll be worth the wait!

Of course, we have many questions as to your unique requirements – so expect to see some future emails from us with survey questions to help us make sure we develop a system that exceeds your expectations.

Developing this booking system will require a large portion of Andy’s brain cycles. Please expect to see fewer new features added to RGP during this development period. Andy will continue to deliver bug fixes and maintenance releases, but the focus of any new development during this period will be on the booking system.

We hope you are as excited as we are about having an integrated online booking system for Rock Gym Pro, and we look forward to delivering a phenomenal solution in mid-2014.

Andy and Amy

ps. In the interim until such time that the RGP system is complete, we are recommending as an alternative 3rd party booking system.



  • Thats fantastic news. Really psyched on this!

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  • Hi there!

    Why not use some existing opensource ecommerce solutions like, make RGP back to open source and speed up the update cycle by a thousand :) You don't and should not create the wheel again every time. There's still major features missing from RGP (multiple customizable payment types for example)!

    You could still offer your paid membership and offer more features to your customers.


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  • Hi Kalle,

    When RGP was open source, it was a nightmare. I was constantly fielding questions from people who wanted to change the code, integrate stuff, etc. And sadly, 99% of the people had no idea what they were doing.

    Additionally, much of RGP now depends on server side code (the waiver/document system) and it is vastly more complicated to manage an open source project that also depends on a private online system. And that system MUST be private - it is storing millions of confidential documents.

    Open source is simply not practical for a small software project that is servicing over $300 million dollars in transactions annually for a small industry. Small open source projects work when there can be dozens of developers contributing AND the environment is tolerant of defective code (which inevitably happens). RGP has neither of these options. RGP is mission critical for the businesses that depend on it. You can have mission critical open source projects, but only when there are a HUGE number of developers and users of the system.

    As for not-reinventing-the-wheel... bolting on third party solutions inevitably ends up producing a hodgepodge system. RGP is very tightly integrated between the waiver system, email system, and desktop POS because all were developed in-house. I can assure you, if I were to try and integrate a third-party booking system the final product would be clunky, less useful, AND it would end up taking more total development time in the end.

    I appreciate the feedback, and hope things are well in Finland :)


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  • Hi Andy,

    Looking forward to this. Will it work in the UK?


    Audrey Seguy

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  • Yes, it is my intent to make it work in the UK.

    I will be integrating an online payment provider obviously, and I am only considering those that work in the UK/Australia in addition to North America.

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  • Hi Andy, re the payment gateway please can you look at SagePay as one of the PSP options for UK/Europe. We set up our online payments with Bookeo and to then find that do not do 3D secure - this has a major impact on online card processing costs and we are currently switching to SagePay to resolve this.


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  • One of the payment providers I am considering is

    And here is what they have to say about 3DSecure. Note there is no increase in fees.

    I have a call in with Stripe next week and I'll discuss 3dsecure.

    Thanks for the feedback, I had personally never heard about 3dsecure before as it is pretty unknown here in North America.

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