Database connectivity issues

Hey guys,

Installing RGP on a WinXP machine (not the first time I've installed RGP successfully, although my other config is a rather special case - RGP running in a VM on a Macbook Pro, accessing my regular mySQL server running on OSX).

On install, RGP cannot talk to mySQL ("error: data source name not found").

muySQL is running, and 3306 is open on the firewall. I can connect to, and administer that mySQL server running on the machine via a different machine on my network, so I know it's running and the firewall is letting traffic through.

Does there need to be a DSN (User or System) on this machine, and if so, what should it's name be? I'm assuming RGP is looking for a DSN with a specific name, but cannot find this documented anywhere. the mySQL ODBC driver is v5.x...

Yep, I've looked at all the docs and emergency info on the site I can find - any additional help would be cool. Thanks!



  • There should be no DSN required.

    Did you install the ODBC driver offered by RGP? That error can be caused by installing the 64-bit driver which does not talk to the 32-bit MySQL server.

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  • Thanks Andy, I wondered if there might be a 32/64 thing.

    The original install was done by someone else, and as there wasn't an internet connection on that machine at the time, they downloaded mySQL manually from the web, so goodness knows what version they initially installed! While I have reinstalled mySQL using the download prompt in the installer, it's possible perhaps the ODBC drivers were still the previous ones which might be causing problems.

    Any quick way of trashing/uninstalling these drivers so I can reinstall mySQL again and see if that fixes things?

    Thanks for your help!

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  • ODBC driver - just uninstall the driver using the typical Control Panel -> Uninstall Programs and then reinstall the one offered by RGP.

    For MySQL Server, it is much more complicated.

    You'll want to follow the steps in this video for moving your database to a new computer, with some modifications.

    After running the manual backup via RGP to produce an archive file

    * Stop the MySQL service - IMPORTANT
    * Uinstall MySQL
    * Delete the entire C:\program files\mysql (or c:\program files (x86)\mysql folder
    * The step above will remove ALL your data, so make sure you run that backup!
    * Reinstall RGP and the MySQL server (offered by RGP)
    * Restore your backup file

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  • Thanks for your help Andy, will give that stuff a go and let you know how I got on!

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  • Okay, got it working. The tricky part was I needed to remove the ODBC drivers (wrong versions installed) but they didn't appear in the add/remove programs section.

    I went through the registry deleting the ODBC stuff, then deleted the dll's from the system32 directory. After that, running the RGP installer prompted me for the ODBC download, and after doing that, and reinstalling mySQL, we seem to have progress!

    Thanks for your superfast help, Andy!

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