Receipt printer doesn't like £ sign

Hello Andy,

Our receipt printers (Epson M129H) don't seem to like using the £ sign when printing RGP receipts. Instead we get a "u" with an accent over it. Our current system just excludes the £ sign altogether. Is it possible to have it do one of the following three options?
a) £
b) GBP
c) nothing

I've checked the email receipts and the £ sign shows up fine.

I've tried using a different font (Arial) in case it was a font issue.




  • RGP follows whatever Windows currency format is set (in Control Panel). Whatever you set in control panel, is what RGP uses for the currency symbol internally and when printing.

    The limitation sounds like it is in the printer, not RGP as there are lots of other gyms in the UK printing with a pound symbol using the recommended printer.

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  • Thanks!

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