What are the advantages of running a server?

Or, what are the problems with having the RGP run only on two machines - the main machine and an unattended check-in machine?

I am looking to start using RGP and wondering whether I need the server or not. Is it simple to move database location later to a server?




  • In a nutshell, security.

    If you have many staff members, inevitably they tend to screw up front desk machines... a classic example is changing the clock. This is very bad, as all the invoices/customers get created with the new time and/or memberships get expired. RGP uses the server's clock time, so this can't happen if you are running a server.

    But many gyms run RGP without a server, and it is fine. And you can always grow into it...

    If you are a busy facility, with lots of staff, then I'd definitely start out with a server though.

    Hope this helps

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  • So this post is a few years old. Is it still applicable? Is it OK to start with RGP on just 2 machines and then upgrade/add server later? Other than security, what are the disadvantages?

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  • Yes, this is still accurate. But given the low costs of computers, I'd still advise a "server". It doesn't need to be a full blown server, it just needs to be any computer the staff doesn't touch!

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