AGP Cash Drawer question?


Maybe easy answer I'm missing?
We've a 1616 AGP CashDrawer -- serial interface.
Is this an unsupported interface/CashDrawer?

It opens fine using the HealthCheck driver downloaded from AGP.
I've set the DIP switches to enable drawer status (CTS)
And cleared the switch for CTS/RTS Handshaking.

The HealthCheck driver sends a BEL character and drawer opens reliably.

I think i've config'd RGP properly to send a ASCI 7 (BEL) character.
However, the OpenCashDrawer BUTTON in the POS application fails to open the drawer?

So, am i missing something simple?

michael grimes



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  • You are correct. Unsupported. RGP only supports cash drawers that connect via the receipt printer (i.e. a cable goes from the computer to the receipt printer, and then another cable goes from the receipt printer to cash drawer).

    You can see the recommended hardware in this PDF:

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