Scanner Problems and locking up

Is anyone having is anyone having problems with their scanners ceasing to work on member scan ins? We will be going along with everything scanning perfectly then someone else will come in and the scanner will not work. It will beep as though it had scanned properly but no information will come up on the screen. The only remedy is to unplug and re-plug the scanner. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Also, we are having RGP lock up quite a bit. Our IT guy says that is not our hardware. Is anyone else having these issues.





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  • Chalk will absolutely destroy a barcode scanner. Have you tried replacing the scanner? Or at least cleaning the window? I've seen many barcode scanners fail.

    As for RGP locking up - the software is running in over 200+ locations and all the lockups I have investigated have always been hardware related or network related (or perhaps Windows running out of memory, etc.). Often a peripheral causes the problem - receipt printers, document scanner, etc.

    I had one customer complain that "POS was locking up". After investigating, it was the printer driver locking up. This was determined because we could cause the lockup simply by printing the last receipt. They updated their driver and the problem went away.

    Do you turn off your front desk machines (not the "server") at night? Windows will happily leak memory if you leave it uprunning for days on ends, so a daily reboot solves alot of problems.

    Another issue is your internal networking. If your local area network is unreliable (perhaps a hub is going out), RGP could hang while accessing the database. These can be tricky to diagnose because the Internet behaves normally because they are transient connections. RGP requires a persistent connection to the database and a flaky network will cause problems. Try replacing the network hub that your front desk machines are connected to. I've personally had to replace our front desk hub twice in 4 years (CHALK!)

    Bottom line - RGP is not locking up by itself... something in your environment (networking or hardware) is causing it to hang.

    Your IT person needs to troubleshoot and isolate it to a specific computer, networking hub, or peripheral.

    Also - when does the lockup happen? It it always one particular action?

    Hope this helps,

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