Tips for installing the Epson TM88V printer + cash drawer

I recently had a bit of an adventure installing a TM88V receipt printer + MMF cash drawer on Windows 8, so thought I'd document my experience.

* Install the Advanced Printer Driver v4.5 available at this url. The v5 driver was not working on Windows 8 for some reason.
* During the driver install, configure the driver to use a USB port
* Follow these steps to make sure the printer is set to use the USB port. Instructions for this are here: . This step took me forever to figure out, as it seems the receipt printer came out of the box set to use the Ethernet port
* Make sure you have the correct cable between the printer and the cash drawer. It looks like a normal phone cable, but it is not! The cable is specifically designed to connect Epson printers to MMF cash drawers and the right (labeled) end needs to be in the printer. On this page ( ) the part # is 226-199EPST10-00
* Don't make the mistake I did and put the cable into the Ethernet jack on the back of the printer. The cable fits, but obviously it isn't the right jack. It took me a good 10 minutes to find the hidden cash drawer jack up under the printer. Doh!

After all that... it worked, and it only took a software engineer (me) 90 minutes to figure out. Good grief :/




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