POS UPC Scanner

We want to start using a UPC Scanner for our POS transactions to try and cut down on errors. Does anyone have any recommendations on a handheld scanner?

What additional steps will need to be taken to integrate this into the system? I assume that we will have a decent amount of data entry to get all of our products updated, but is there anythign beyond that?
Is there a way I can "practice" with our current barcode scanners to see how RGP will respond?



  • For maximum speed, get an omnidirectional scanner. And the scanner needs to be keyboard emulating/wedge (they all are).


    As for trying it out... just scan any product into POS within RGP and it'll add the item, you can just cancel the transaction.

    You can also scan into Notepad to check the codes.

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  • Now that this is on the way and scanning and entering and recalling UPC's all seems incredibly straightforward. Thanks.

    One thing that would be incredibly useful as we start to scan and apply UPC's to all our current products in RGP:
    - I can export a product list either from the Product Management page or I could Run an Inventory - Count report, but neither of these have a column for the UPC.
    I would want this so that we could determine which products still need to be entered and give a hard list to staff to manually enter without running into any duplication.

    Do we have any options here?

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