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My landlord (who happens to be the city where the business is located) wants me to provide them a report with the number of visits (total visits, not unique visitors) we had last year, and wants to know what percentage is from their city.

I know there is the visit count query, which gives me unique visitors (which I can run with the personal info condition), and there is a check-in total report, but I can't see something that will give me check-ins with the ability to add a condition.

I'm sure I can do this in a very round-about way with the visit count report, but it's gonna take me an ungodly amount of time.

Thanks in advance for any advice/help.



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    Hello Andy- you can run the query-then save as a Custom Report- but there will still be a bit of manually data manipulation. You could run two separate queries one for city visits and one for all visits?

    the screenshot would be for all visitors from all zip codes. When you save as a Custom Report with Custom Columns you can select the Zip contrast and Check in Count.

    If you have any follow-up questions please email

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