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Hello all, 

I have a list of customer IDs that I want to use to create a subset of customers. The specific criteria I need to use to identify the customer group are not available to me within the customer queries window and my SQL person has written me a query to pull the IDs.

Is there any way that I can 'import' the IDs and generate a list of customers from it? I want to be able to report on the individuals from within the activity analysis section.






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    Hello Viv,

    If you import the customer IDs into RGP that would writing to the database and this would nullify your RGP contract. As you cannot write to the database. That being said...

    The customer ID is stored in the tables but is not readily viewable. The only place I see in RGP to view a customer ID # is via Customer Queries->add your constraints then use the Export All Data To CSV File.

    The CSV file will contain the customer ID #.

    I will add your question as a RGP support ticket to ensure I have not missed anything. I will follow up via our ticketing system

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