Membership status checked, online signup.

Request that the ability to check a customer's membership status is made during the class online signup.


If a class/event is members-only and a non-member or person who's membership is invalid tries to sign up they are denied signing up.

Some classes are free for members, $20 fro non-members. Membership status is immediately checked and signup fees are charged accordingly. 



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    This is difficult due to the nature of the booking process within the software. Bookings aren't (and can't be) linked to an individual customer until after the booking has been made, which makes checking things like membership status impossible.

    Restructuring the booking process to allow checks of this kind would be an enormous and time consuming enterprise. We're not afraid to make big changes to make the software better, but we've never seriously investigated making this change because, even though some gym operators have expressed a reasonable concern that this system could be abused, we haven't actually received reports of widespread abuse from customers who are using it. Moreover, within a given calendar event, the participant list shows the customer type for each participant (member, guest, punch card, etc.), making it easy to verify the membership status of every participant.

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