Rescheduling Groups without an event date

I have had folks cancel their event in the past and want to reschedule for a later unknown date.  Is there something we can do besides putting it on the calendar for a later date, only to keep track of it ourselves?  It would be awesome to put these events in a queue.  Currently if the event passes without rescheduling, it will not let us apply their deposit for an event on a later date.  Maybe I am missing something.



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  • The best way to manage deposits for cancelled events is a difficult question, because different businesses handle them differently. At one facility, a deposit might be forfeited in the event of a cancellation, while at a different facility, staff might be willing to apply that deposit to a future event. It gets even more complicated when you consider the variations on deposits that are not forfeited. Should that deposit be a credit for anything the facility offers, including retail? Should it only be for bookings? Should it only be for the specific offering that was cancelled? Is there a time window for using that deposit? This means that a queue system for cancelled bookings like the one you've described would be very unlikely to meet the needs of all facilities.

    The easiest way to handle customers who want to make a new booking of the same type they have cancelled in the past, would be to un-cancel the past booking and then relocate it to the new class date. Since payments are associated with bookings, not with events, relocating the booking means that the existing deposit is moved along with it automatically. Will this work for you?

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