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I want to set up events with two tiers of pricing - one for members and one for guests. Is there any way to determine whether a user is a member or a guest when they enter their name or email address or would they have to choose from the two pricing options manually (obviously I'd rather not have guests being able to select membership prices)?





  • You want to set up two participant types in Calendar Settings (Guest and Member), and then define the pricing accordingly in Edit Offering - with different pricing for each participant type.

    See the 101 climbing and 201 courses below as an example. In the 101 course, the member price is free. In the 201 course, the member price is reduced a bit.


    As for proof-of-membership-online, it's the honor system, and it works fine :)

    I've yet to hear of a single problem with non-members selecting the member pricing. This is because presumably guests assume their membership will be checked at the event.

    Additionally, any "lock out" that would require proof-of-membership online would end up frustrating members that for whatever reason can't "pass the test"... so you really don't want to try to force members to identify themselves with a hard lock out. A member that can't pass the test (doesn't know which email is on file, etc.) will either end up not booking or calling - resulting in frustration.

    If you are really concerned, you could ask a custom question in the offering such as "If you selected member pricing, please enter your membership barcode number."

    But I really think its unnecessary as few, if any, will abuse the membership pricing for fear of being caught at the event.


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  • Thanks Andy. The custom question suggestion is a useful one if we find that we're having problems.



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  • Dragging this up...


    I'm just getting in to this issue of having member and non-member pricing for many offerings. I was flabbergasted when I learned that the "Participant Type" wasn't actually verified automatically in any way. 


    Why can't RPG have a simple "if/then" when someone is signing up for a class?

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  • This system was built as a way to charge different prices for different participant types, in a wide variety of scenarios. For many of those participant types, like age ranges or students, it is impossible to verify a customer's eligibility until they actually arrive at your facility. Just like in those cases, this is the best way to verify membership status. Even though RGP can't check for a membership at the time of booking, it's easy to check when that customer arrives.

    Changing the booking system to enable it to verify membership status at the time of the booking would not be quick or easy, but would involve fundamental structural changes to the way bookings are processed. If we were getting reports of gym goers gaming our booking system to access pricing for which they were ineligible we would definitely be willing to review this process, but like Andy said above, we haven't received any such complaints from customers who are actually using the booking system.

    This is a completely reasonable concern, but in our experience it's not an issue in practice.

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