Reconciling RGP z-out stripe sales to collected figure?

Hi Guys,

Has anyone experienced this problem before?

We started selling through the on-line calendar just over a week ago. On day 1 the RGP z-out at the end of day reported the same figure in the "sales" and the "collected" boxes on the "Stripe.RGPOnline" row. On days 2 and 3 the reported "sales" figure was higher than the "collected" figure. On the subsequent 5 days the "sales" and "collected" figures have been the same.

We have been able to reconcile all the z-out "sales" figures to the RGP "Stripe Online Payment Reconciliation Report", and also the payment export from Stripe.

I have three questions.

How are the "sales" and "collected" figures generated?

How do I find out why the figures don't agree on days 2 and 3?

What are the consequence of these figures not reconciling?

Many thanks for your help in advance.



  • Is the difference in days 2 and 3 the same but opposite amounts?

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  • Hi Andy,

    No, the differences were both in the same direction. Day 2 collected was short to sales by £188, day 3 collected was short to sales by £180. Total £388 collected short to sales over the 2 days.

    After day 2 I had expected to see a corresponding entry on day 3 as you suggest above, but it didn't happen.

    The 2 short amounts are coincidentally the same value as the last transaction on each day in question - but they don't seem to have reappeared in the collected totals to make sales and collected balance overall.

    So far every day since day 3 has balanced collected to sales on the end of day z-out, so it's still a mystery why we are short on days 2 and 3.

    Any ideas?

    Many thanks,


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  • I downloaded your data to investigate as I needed to see the actual issue to troubleshoot.

    Interestingly, I could delete all the z-outs back to 3/25 and then recreate a new z-out with no mismatch. This means the accounting is all good and what you are experiencing is a transient issue at the time of z-out.

    And given the fact that the transactions are the LAST ones prior to the z-out (good info, thanks!), that leads me to believe this has something to do with the timing of the online transactions arriving (or perhaps being assigned?) and the z-out timing.

    I will continue to investigate.... but moving forward until such time as I have a better understanding of what's going on:

    * Be sure to have assigned all the online transactions pending prior to performing the z-out
    * If you see a mismatch when launching the z-out window, perhaps try closing the z-out window and reopening it to recompute the totals

    Let me know if the issue continues provided you follow the steps above, and I will try to look into why this is happening.

    But... key point.... the mismatch DOESN'T matter. It is an artifact of the z-out, not the underlying accounting.

    Hope this helps, and I'll share more when I know more :)

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  • Thanks so much Andy,

    I will keep you posted if the issue re-occurs.

    Best regards,


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