A few things for the feature wish list

Hey Andy

I've got a few features that would be nice if they were added to your already long list.

1. Add on products for prepaid members so it doesn't trip a warning. We do a lot of add ons for parking passes, locker rentals, etc. We have a work around but it can be confusing looking at a couple hundred prepaid members who are set up as EFT's. Leaving them as prepaid and ignoring the warning makes the member list with warnings hard to find the legitimate ones with errors.

2. Product messages that pop up and have to be confirmed by staff. This would be a message that pops up when something is selected to remind staff to do something. ie. don't forget to include product x or do they also want to purchase this other product to go with it etc.

3. We ran into this one this morning with the bad weather. Someone cancelled a class in the booking system but the instructor still came in. I assumed it would send an email like it does for the booking but that's not the case. This would be super helpful so we can be hands off with the bookings and not have to remember to contact the instructors.

4. I saw this was posted a while back but I throw another vote to putting transactions on hold. Big groups, etc. can be rang up and put on hold when it's slow and pulled up when they pay to save time.

Thanks and keep up the good work



  • Thanks for the feedback.

    1. This is unlikely to be changed. Your workaround should be: set them up as EFT members, $0 dues, with a termination date in the future. The problem is... allowing PREPAID members to have a billing relationship will create just as much confusion going the opposite direction. There is no perfect scenario for "prepaid members who have billed add-on" products as either approach will create confusion to know who is billed or not.

    2. Good idea.

    3. There are many reasons why it would be dangerous to automate an email that advises a staff member NOT to come in. There would be substantial risk of the email being sent, when in fact, the staff member should have come in anyways. This is something that needs to be handled with a human reviewing the situation as many situations will be unique. One example: a booking is cancelled (perhaps the event as well).... the email is sent.... and then an four hours later it is reinstated because it was done in error or there was a change.

    4. Putting a transaction on hold is not likely to happen, sorry. It would require a significant change to the design of the point-of-sale system to have a "saved state".

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  • No worries, thanks for the response. I know a lot of this stuff comes down to programming.

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