is it possible for a waiver to sign off two policies at once?

Hi guys,

We register all visitors to the climbing centre both novices and competent climbers. I'm trying to see if we can automatically assign a policy or proficiency based upon which digital waiver is completed.
My thought was that a wavier for a novice climber would be signed off against the Waiver; whilst a second waiver form for an experienced climber would additionally sign off Policy 1 at the same time. In this way if policy 1 is Unsupervised sign off an alert sound can be raised for staff to hear if a novice requires supervision by an experienced climber.

I realise that policy 1 could be signed off by the staff member at the time of registration together with assigning the proficiency level, but was just trying to minimise errors and ensure the correct paperwork is completed.





  • A digital waiver can mark either policy 1 or policy 2 as "checked" when the document is accepted. It can't do both. Policy 1 and Policy 2 can be configured to alert at check-in if desired.

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  • Hi Chris,

    I'm still in the process of planning our migration to RGP. We're going to do the same thing as you - have both novices and competent climbers register. The way I was going to do this was have both the Novice and Registration forms serve as 'waivers'. but then use the Proficiency Level to determine whether they can climb or not so that I'll get an alert that the belay/cert is required for the novice climber.

    Additionally, I'm creating a customer subtype 'NOVICE'. So when we add them to our system they'll be Guest- NOVICE.

    Finally, just to make sure we know which supervising climber is supervising that novice on the day I'm going to create a Novice Day Pass which will require the receptionist to type in which supervisor is signing them in that day. That's because we have some novices (eg kids) who have two or more possible supervisors who will have signed the Novice Superivsion form.


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