Expiring Punches

Hello there! I think there is might be a bug with expring punches. In settings > customer I have selected Expire punches at 0 months. (It's illegal in Quebec to expire 10 pass cards) It seemed to have worked for a while (we've had a good 2 to 3 months with no expired cards) but suddenly I have customers coming up with expired punches.

Any ideas?

Thank you!



  • The expiration date is recorded when the punches are sold (it must be this way in case gyms change their expiration policy but need to honor the old policy). I would suspect the punches that are expiring were added with an expiration policy in effect. Just look back at when the punches were sold in the punch history and if the punches are expiring, there will be an expiration date on the original punches (that's the only way they can expire).

    The are many, many gyms using this functionality and I've had no other reports of problems.

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  • That must be it, thanks Andy.

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