Allow members to charge items to their account

Have you explored the option to allow members to charge items to their account? I think this would be a great option for increasing revenue. For example member needed some chalk, but did not have any cash with them at the moment, they could sign a receipt that authorized the charge to be applied to their next billing cycle. Any thoughts?



  • Nate,
    You can invoice account members at the payment window in POS. You already have their billing information and therefore, may invoice them, if they so choose. This is a manager's only option at this time, you would need to make sure you had a manager level staff person available to initiate this at POS.
    At the end of the day, to get payment, you go to Data Entry->Billing- and their invoice will appear in the first window- select them and click bill selected customers. Viola! Credit card accounts are "instant" and for ACH you would have to go back in to billing a few days later (typically 3-4 days) and go to the *ACH responses tab* and click the *Download ACH Responses* to retrieve your payment.
    Have you thought about signing up for support with RGP? Or using the digital wavier system?

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  • Thanks. I will look into the account invoicing.
    As for the digital waiver system, we are trying to incorporate it into our 2012 budget.

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