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We are very interested in replacing our prehistoric POS system with Rock Gym Pro and the price is right. However we want to make sure that it is a good fit for us.
Here are the questions that we have come up with about RGP:

• We will more than likely be going with the RGP support option, but is the charting, back-up, reporting only available with the support?
• We prefer not to have the unattended check-in, we feel that it's important to have the exchange between our clients and staff. Can we disable this option and invest in the scanner/bar-code/software later?
• With the integrated credit card process, can we use our current credit card machine?
• We are investing in a new website with an on-line shopping cart can we link this with RGP?
• How would the transfer from our current POS system to RGP work? For example how do we transfer current member information to RGP?
• Do you provide training, one person or group?
• How do guest passes work? We only allow 5 per person. With RGP can we customize for things like this?

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  • Answers… (as of Feb 16, 2010)

    • Charting, OFFSITE backup (vs local only backup), and document management (waiver scanning and offsite storage) are included with the support package. Plus you get to talk to me :)
    • Unattended check in is totally optional, there is no requirement to use it that way. Of course, even though our check in is “unattended” the front desk staff is right there and says hi to all the guests. It is only unattended in the sense that the customer does not need to hand the card to the staff member. The customer can scan it by themselves. But again, this is optional.
    • Unfortunately, there is no direct link from your website to RGP. The easiest solution is to have the online sales trigger an email that your staff members can address. There are many reasons why having your RGP database available on a website is a significant security risk, which is why I don’t offer this service – yet.
    • With the integrated CC processing, you can ditch your credit card terminal. You can swipe cards directly into RGP and process your billing very easily. I use XCharge and they have no setup fee and generally beat your existing rates. Give Craig a call and have him fire off a quote. His contact info is here: http://www.rockgympro.com/?page_id=348
    • Membership transfer is not hard provided you have the ability to EXPORT your customer list with all the required fields. Here is the info on data transfer: http://www.rockgympro.com/?page_id=333 . A lot depends on your ability to export your member (and/or guest) information.
    • I can provide training if required, but the software is pretty darn easy to use. I’ll be in XXXXX for 2 weeks in YYYYY, so perhaps that will be a good time. We could do a webinar too if required earlier. I would need to charge a little for this, but realistically it should only take 1-2 hours. I have a bunch of video tutorials which go through the main features.
    • RGP has a guest pass system that allows a fixed number of guest passes per MONTH or PER YEAR. It should work for you.

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