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I have owned a small climbing gym for the past 11 years, and have struggled ever since with a patchwork of POS and member databases. I can see how RGP would be helpful to a large commercial gym, but for a small gym that can't afford much this software is a GODSEND. My staff is mostly part time, and training was extrememly easy. The programs are intuitive so even new employees pick it up right away. RGP has everything we could hope for and more. Thank you Andy for providing such a wonderful resource.



  • I second that,
    I run a TINY bouldering-only gym in Australia and have used a combination of microsoft access database for members and a paper tally for sales.
    I would never be able to afford to buy RGP, Thanks Andy, you're a champion, yet another example of why climbers are extraordinary people.

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  • It is no secret that RGP is incomparable to any other attempts @ Climbing Gym Software!
    What some may not know, is that Andy's support is above and beyond any other program support on the planet. If you are a gym owner/operator and you are debating the worth of the additional support options Andy offers... STOP! Big firms pay thousands annually, if not monthly for this kind of precision software, maintenance, and support. Believe me, I have software experts who work for the DOT, Major Networks, JP Morgan and various other capital management firms on our IT squad; and they always remind me of how fortunate I am to have this tool and this generous level of support at my fingertips for such an insignificant cost!!!
    Thank You Andy!!!

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