How to stop penny dues from escalating

So we have a situation that arises fairly often:

A parent wants to sign their child up for an EFT membership. We set up the child with a discount membership ($55/month) and the parent is set up as the responsible billing party (Member-No Checkin) with penny dues. 

The problem we're having is that when the child freezes, the parent is now getting charged $60 ($5 freeze + $55 dues for the parent).

Is there a way to prevent the penny dues from escalating?

We'd like to keep the "escalate dues" feature because it is useful for our family memberships. 



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    Gianna, sorry for the delay but we made an internal change that inadvertently turned of our notification of new questions in our Help Center. I did see you sent an email in to support. 

    To reiterate, penny dues should only be used for Family members and not the primary responsible party. As the note indicates, penny dues will be ignored for Family members but not for a Responsible Party.

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