Hi Andy,

so here's our dilema. We have set up our facilities to only have two forms. An unsupervised climbing form and novice form. These are set up to both be 'waivers' e.i to tick the facility waiver box upon competition and both have the same document type.

With the above, is there a way we can filter these customers to find out all the customers who have either the unsupervised climbing form or the novice form.

The reason for this is we suspect we have customers with the Novice form who have subsequently been given a 'proficiency level' without having been required to fill out the unsupervised climbing form once gaining that proficiency.

We think we have explored all the 'customer queries' avenues so would this be possible with a paid SQL query? Perhaps by the title of the form?





  • Are each of these documents configured as different document types? If they are you can use customer queries to filter on customers who completed specific documents.

    If you didn't properly set these up as different document types, then you won't be able to filter these... but you should immediately go set these up as different document types.

    Manage -> Document Management. Define the document types. Then update the forms in Manage -> Waiver Management to tag each incoming document as a different document type.

    You can't change the past though if you didn't set these up as different document types initially.

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  • Need novice form.

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  • Cannot access the Waiver Form. Need help.

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  • Please contact support directly so they can assist you. Be sure to include your facility name and all pertinent details.


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