Refunds to customer

How do I give a refund to a customer in general?

Also, let's say a customer bought a day pass. The next day, they decide they want to be a member. We are letting the customers apply the cost of the day pass to the month membership if they decide w/i a day like that. What's the easiest way to apply that day pass credit? I've just been adjusting the cost when they check, but it does require a manager to be there to adjust it.




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  • You simply add the product to the pos transaction and press the RETURN button on the product being returned.

    For the day pass question, i would create new product called Day Pass Membership Credit for -$15 price if that's what it costs. Then add that and the membership to the same transaction. The negative price of the day pass credit product will reduce the transaction. You could also just return a day pass as part of the same transaction. Or you could create a new product just for these memberships at the right price. It all depends on how you want to report against the income and accounts later.

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