Yearly Insurance Fees Alerts - Custom Policies?


In our gym, all members are required to pay a yearly insurance fee. So, usually the first time they sign up for a membership they'll pay it and then, a year later we have to remind them to pay that fee again. We usually will forget so I was wondering if there's any way to get alerted when that year has passed.

What I've tried was to use the Custom Policies - create one that would show up in the customer list (intitled "Insurance") - I chose the "alert if missing" and the "clear after 12 months" thinking that once the 12 months were over, it would either alert me or say "No" the insurance isn't paid. Instead it always says yes. For example, here's someone who paid insurance on 07-11-2014. I'd think it would say "No - 07-11-2014" but even though it's been 2 years since this person last paid it still says "Yes - 07-11-2014". What am I doing wrong?

Is there anyway to be either alerted or for it to be clear that the person needs to pay the insurance fee again?
Just saying "No" when the 12 months have passed from the date I enter, would be a huge help as it shows up in the customer list main page and I could see it when I go check if that person's membership is up to date and such.


We use the "Data Entry Rock Gym Pro".



  • Daily maintenance has to run to clear those boxes. It happens each morning. If you are just changing dates, you won't see any effect until daily maintenance runs.

    You can force it in Manage -> Maintenance -> Advanced -> Execute Daily Maintenance

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  • Thank you!

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