How to practice

Does anyone have some good tips for how to practice with RGP and teach new employees?

I've got our server/pos/checkin machines all configured and talking to each other.
The server has our main products, etc.

Will we pollute our database with POS transactions and check-ins? Is there a way to clear out all the bogus transactions.



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  • Hi Jon,

    Just setup a few test customers that you can use to practice/train on for customer configurations/memberships.

    For POS, just immediately void any test transactions in POS history.

    And check-ins can be deleted from within the check-in screen.... though you may not care if there are a bunch of random check-ins in database. In the big picture they will be meaningless.

    There is no one method to delete a bunch of history, for obvious reasons. Any such feature would inevitably end up doing more harm than good.


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