Same day multi-site check in

Hi everyone,

Does anyone operate more than one site with customers checking in to both sites on the same day? If you want guests to only pay once, how do you manage that?

Any suggestions, ideas much appreciated!




  • Our gym here in Bend added a building next door, but they physically connected the two buildings with an enclosed walkway so they could only have a single point of entrance.

    Ultimately, if you have two entrances.... your staff must physically look up customers at each location. To me, that's unavoidable as the staff must be absolutely sure the customers have completed the waiver/paperwork. Nothing about money.... just lookup/check-in the customer to confirm that the documents/waiver are in order.

    As for money.... I see three options.

    * If the customer claims they paid, you could have your staff just look up their payments in Invoice and Payments and look for a purchase today
    * You could go "old school" and use hand stamps when a customer pays. Hand stamps are simple and work. So your staff just check-in the customer and look for a hand stamp... if no hand stamp, they pull up the customer's payment history to see if they paid (if the customer claims they did).
    * You could get tricky and use a custom policy. Call it "Paid Today". Whichever location the guest pays at that day, the staff need to go in a check that box. That will show up on check-in at the other location. And then once a day at 2am you could have a task on your server that clears the "paid today" policy on all customers.

    Depending on the distance between entrances, you may find fewer guests use both locations in a day... and if that's the case, simple is best.

    I'd use hand stamps personally. Or, more likely "forearm" stamps since it may be hard to see hand stamps under chalk :)


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  • Thanks, Andy. I know that my colleagues have already been speaking with you about this. I'm hoping that some other gyms might also have some clever workarounds.
    Unfortunately the separate walkway idea isn't possible for us becuase we want both gyms to be able to check in customers independently and they will have different opening hours.
    The custom policy won't work for customers using our self check-in and we're trying to avoid customers having to queue up 2 or 3 times a night. Old school might be the way to do it. I was also considering a token system like on subways where once they're past one of our Reception desks they could pick up a token and use it to get through a turnstile, but I think that this would be too easy to cheat by picking up extra tokens for example.
    Thanks anyway- we'll keep thinking on it.
    if anyone else has any bright ideas... get in touch!

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