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Andy, is it possible to either turn off or remove the ability for someone to invoice pro-rated dues to their account?

While I'm working on training my staff, if it happens (and it has), and then the customers card bounces (and it has), I'm out the membership they used which stings worse than the membership they haven't used. I can't imagine a scenario where a gym would want to allow invoicing for any membership dues since as far as i'm aware, they're all pre-paid....



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  • Thanks for the suggestion.

    I've actually seen cases where prorated dues are charged. For example, "Pay the first month's membership to sign up for EFT". They pay ONE full month at POS, and the prorated dues are invoiced to their account and to be combined with next month's dues. Basically a way to get people to have a little more skin in the game on startup without a startup fee (vs. a low prorated amount if they are half way through the month.... for example)

    Staff will always make mistakes, unfortunately, and putting up walls to prevent all possible mistakes can often be a cure-worst-than-the-disease :)

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