WARNING- same barcode, different gyms!

Just a note of caution for those using barcode entry. We found that some customers were mistakenly using their entry card from another wall at our wall (and vice versa). Because both of us were using the same range of numbers for our barcodes and are in the same city (London), we've got a substantial amount of overlap.

So... if you're setting up for the first time I'd recommend making sure you use a prefix unique to your wall!

Wish I'd thought of that before ordering 30,000 more key fobs (sigh).

Andy/Amy- maybe you can include this tip in your next issue of setup guides?



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  • Hi Audrey,

    Thanks for heads up. This is a unique problem to the UK it seems :)

    In the U.S., people typically carry membership to only one gym - and thus only have one barcode on their keychain. Even if there are many gyms in the same region, a customer only has a membership and barcode tag for one of them . They may visit the other gyms, but only as a day user with no such keytag for that gym.

    In the UK, with your notion of "registered climbers"... and those climbers getting barcode tags... it seems to be much more common for customers to have keytags from multiple gyms and to use those keytags even as "day users"...

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