Next Bill Date Wrong Screenshot of Bug (I apologize for the actual picture of the screen, the Windows screen capture program doesn't play nice with dropdown boxes.)

When setting up a customer this morning I clicked on the Next Bill button to find a date from almost 2 years ago as the top selection. Any clue why this would be? Makes me a bit paranoid because I've always just assumed the first dropdown was the correct date and not really paid it much attention. Thanks!



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  • That's not a bug. That was the next bill date assigned to the customer sometime prior to Nov 2013. And then that customer was not billed (for reasons probably reflective in the customer history - perhaps terminated, etc)... and RGP will not automatically change a next bill date... so the date has remained.

    Actively billed members will get a warning when their customer record is closed stating their NEXT BILL DATE is in the past. Either your staff members have been ignoring this warning when operating in the customer record, or this member hasn't been configured to be billed - in which case it doesn't matter that the date was in the past.

    You can always view customer records with any membership/billing warnings by going to View -> Customer List: With Warnings.

    If this customer has been sitting there with a warning the whole time - than your staff or manager hasn't been doing their jobs checking for warnings. If this is just an old member that reactivated and was being modified, then all your staff need to do is respond to the warning and move their next bill date to the proper date.

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