Issuing credit using RGP

Is there a way to issue account credit without having a credit card on file? We currently sell consignment shoes at our facility and it would be nice to not have to explain to the customer that we have to get their credit card even though we don't have any intention of charging it. We've done the workaround of storing the CC, issuing credit and then deleting the CC #, but we'd prefer to be able to issue credit without all of the rigamarole. If anyone has a better solution, or knows how to get around the limitation, let me know. Thanks!



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  • Hello Ty,
    Amy here from RGP, if you can email me at with your phone number, I will call to discuss your particular situation. Perhaps there is an alternative solution in RGP...
    OR you can call me to discuss at 541/316-5747
    Thank you

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