Running Multiple Cash drawers at the Front Desk

Hi all,
I'm wondering if anyone has experience running their front desk with multiple cash drawers.? I understand that RGP and the Z-out process were designed with that idea that facilities will run a single cash drawer at the front desk for multiple stations. And we've been doing that for years.

However our business levels are getting to the point that one cash drawer is becoming a big choke point for our staffs efficiency (especially during the evening/weekend rushes). We run with 4 computer stations at the front desk and if they all do a cash transaction close together, chaos rains.

Have any of you successfully run multiple cash drawers at your front desk? Any tips or suggestions (or warnings against?). The most obvious drawback to me is a more complicated Z-out process.

Appreciate the help,



  • Hi Will,

    We have been running 2 cash drawers for the past few years with no issues at all. The staff have to Z-out two drawers each night, but they do the less-used one a half-hour before close, so it does not delay closing at all. I reconcile 2 envelopes per day, but that's a small price to pay in order to be able to better handle the busiest times. I was warned against doing this, but it really has worked fine.

    John Gross
    Owner, True North Climbing

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  • Thanks so much John! Good to hear that you've had success with it.

    Appreciate the feedback.

    Will, Austin Bouldering Project

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  • Honestly I run two registers with rgp and only have to do one Z-out it tallies both

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