lifetime members + warning whistle

Our gym has a number of lifetime members who contributed to the contruction, I am wondering what is the best way to keep track of these members- right now we have them marked as free members and we add a note that we mark to "alert on check in". The problem is that we just connected our computer to our speaker system and when we check in members with warnings it makes a very loud whistling noise through out speakers. Is there a better way to keep track or mute RGP? I would like staff checking these members in to be able to see that they are a lifetime members which doesn't appear if I don't alert on check-in. Thanks!

EDit - I figured out how to mute it, but would still be interested in hearing if there is smarter way to manage these members. Thanks.



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  • Why not just make then prepaid members with an expiration date 30 years from now? And then add a note to their account saying lifetime member

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